We are a young e-commerce trading company, is also a veteran of the silk fabric factory. The company was founded in 1980, when we are only engaged in the production of pure silk fabrics factory. With the development of technology and the prospect of the market, the company gradually began to contact the sales business, and set up an independent sales division, began to develop and operate independently of the domestic market. After more than ten years of careful management and hard work, our products and brands in the country have gained a good reputation and market share.
Along with the further opening of the global market, in 2000 the company formally established foreign trade division, until today, in this short span of more than ten years, our customers have been all over the world, so that more can feel the charm of silk.
Of course, this is just the beginning, our pace is still forward, but also look forward to the road with you hand in hand.

With expertise of more than two decades in this industry, we understand YOUR needs and the issues felt by manufacturers. Most problems between global buyers and manufacturers is that they cannot find each other.
As one of the most professional silk fabrics suppliers, we hope more and more global buyers know Chinese silk fabrics better and better and we also hope the whole world will be attracted by the beauty of silk fabrics.
Details do matter! It is our policy to ensure we fully understand your needs or requirements before sending or producing the right items for you.
Our sampling procedure ensures you will get exactly what you want. You will be absolutely comfortable when you look into the ordered items. There will never be any nasty surprises.


Colorful Choices:
We have so many ready-made silk fabrics available in stock in hundreds of colors.

Customized Services:
Our team has experience in all fields relating to silk fabrics. Any questions about customizing, please feel free to let us know.

Product Sampling:
Our sampling procedure takes away top worry completely!

Fashion Design:
Our in-house fashion designers will offer you the most professional suggestions about silk fabrics.

Our products are certified with SGS certificate. Please rest assured about the quality at us.

Orders can be shipped out within one working day at the most competitive shipping cost.

Please share your happiness and dissatisfaction with us. Your feedback is vital for us to continue to improve.

As so many customers may have already known we are a professional manufacturer and supplier of 100% silk fabrics in solid colors. Besides professional dyeing, we also offer exceptional services to our customers.

1. Silk fabric printing, such as digital printing is also offered to high-end customers. As long as real sample patterns or artwork of designs are supplied, we will fix anything else for us.

2. Silk apparel making. Silk garments making for individual customers and fashion designers and other customer groups are also available.

3. Outsourcing for silk fabric related items. Since we are quite professional in silk fabrics and we also have a good sense about silk fabric related items, such as silk scarf, silk top, silk pillowcase etc. You can count on us for the quality of the outsourced items. Secondly, we are located in the silk market in Hangzhou and the good position makes outsourcing more cost-saving and more efficiently.