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Exceptional customer service

13/12/2013 Specialties at Hellosilk ⁄ 1322words ⁄ size S M L Comments Off on Exceptional customer service

Exceptional customer service is another advantage.

      1.     About colors: customized dyeing. If any colors required by customers is not in our stock. That’s ok. We can customize for you, as long as you tell us            the corresponding Pantone reference numbers or provide us with the correct samples. We can finish the customized orders within 5-7 working days.

2.     About post treatments: customized processing dafter dyeing. Post treatments like sand washing, water washing, preshrinking are also offered.

3.     About types of silk fabric. If the types of silk fabric are not within our regular product line. Don’t worry. We can also customize the required types for you.

4.     Silk garments making. Silk garments making for individual customers and fashion designers and other customer groups are also available.

5.     Silk fabric printing, such as digital printing is also offered to high-end customers. As long as real sample patterns or artwork of designs are supplied, we will fix anything else for us.

6.     Outsourcing for silk fabric related items. Since we are quite professional in silk fabrics and we also have a good sense about silk fabric related items, such as silk scarf, silk top, silk pillowcase etc. You can count on us for the quality of the outsourced items. Secondly, we are located in the silk market in Hangzhou and the good position makes outsourcing more cost-saving and more efficiently.  If any individual customer service is required, please just feel free to let us know. We will make every effort to make your words come true.


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